Kotaku's Top Five List Of Top 10 Lists

Each week throws off several new video game lists ranging from the humorous to the trivial. What's better? A list of those. Here's a roundup of the rundowns out there.

Top 5 Ways to Kill the Fun of Gaming [BitMob]"Go online," is, painfully, true, and not just because of the unpleasant behaviour you encounter. It's because I'm terrible at everything I play. Seriously. I am the worst gamer I know. Remember, I thought Batman: Arkham Asylum was too hard. Then again, I had a few in me when I went against Bane. Maybe that should be added to this list: "Play lit."

Top 10 Badass Video Game Aliens [Planet Xbox 360]The xenomorphs gain the top spot in a list inspired by their game's release last Tuesday. But ... no Metroids? No Kilrathi? What about the Trandoshans from Star Wars, with their concussion rifles? They absolutely murdered me in Jedi Outcast.

Top 10 Reasons Men Love to Play Video Games [Guyism]You shoot shit and run around. Your girlfriend doesn't play them so there's no arguing over what she wants. They set completely unrealistic expectations of the female body. You can hit a 500 foot home run, save the universe and bag the hottest chick in San Fierro with a physique like Louie Anderson's. Shall I go on?

Top 20 Signs You Play Too Many Flash Games [Fork Party]No. 21, you start a petition for the iPhone port of "Don't Shit Your Pants."

Top 10 Most Expensive Video Game Budgets Ever [DigitalBattle]Pretty sure that Duke Nukem Forever should be included in this list. Why should actually released commercially available games get all the glory? And if one man's time were money, I'd throw Bob's Game on it too.


    Wow I never knew Too human was such an expensive failure. I always thought it was one of those bog standard 20 million dollar games than developers churn out after 7 months working on it. I don’t get how it can cost so much anyway, without big budget Hollywood voice talent or perhaps licensing costs how the hell did they blow 60 million on it?

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