Kratos Could Have Been A Little Elf (Or A Blind Wizard)

The journey a game, and its characters, take from concept to console is usually an interesting one, but in God of War's case, it seems particularly so. Especially for its leading man, Kratos.

Ken Feldman, lead artist on the original God of War game, has told Official PlayStation magazine that while designing the star of the series, a number of options were thrown out on the table. One was for "a little elf character", whose "animations looked like Disney".

Another was for "an escaped slave", yet another being "a blind monk carrying a baby".

All of which sound a little nutty, but then, had they gone with the little elf, writing a post-mortem years later and saying "one option was an angry bald man with no clothes on and red paint all over his face" would have sounded pretty silly as well.

God Of War's Kratos was 'almost a little elf' [CVG]


    I only played the first one for a few minutes at my brother's house, but if it had been a monk carrying a baby, that would have been AWESOME!

    Should have been an escaped blind monk slave carrying a little elf baby

    Now THAT I'd play

    You can see the character art for the monk with a baby included on the game in the special features (at least on the PS3 collectors edition) along with a bunch of other possibilities. I can't remember if the other ones mentioned above were included.

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