Left 4 Dead 2 Body Count Is In The BILLIONS

Valve released a statistic today. Not the boring type, like "sales are up 156% compared to this time last year". The awesome type, like "this is how many zombies have been killed in Left 4 Dead 2".

Since the game was released late last year, players have wiped out 28,981,249,043 (and counting) card-carrying members of the walking dead society. Twenty. Eight. Billion.

To put this in perspective, it's estimated that the total number of humans that have ever lived is just over 100 billion. So we're well on our way to wiping out the entire history of the human race! (and might already have come close if you add figures from Left 4 Dead 1).

Applaud the statistic if you want, but we're saving our applause for the Valve employee/employees who had the foresight to put a zombie-kill-counter in the game in the first place.

Don't worry, we'll make more [Valve]


    Shame they couldn't release something on HL2ep3 but hey that would only be something nice for the fans of HL >.<

    I wonder how much of a dent I made in that statistic. Probably less of a dent and more of an insignificant prod. Not often you see 28 billion of anything.

    ITS OVER 9000!

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