Left 4 Dead 2’s “The Passing” Coming March

Left 4 Dead 2’s “The Passing” Coming March

Valve is showing the first downloadable content pack for Left 4 Dead 2, “The Passing”, at today’s X10 event. The new campaign is now aiming for a March release, the start of new content for the zombie apocalypse shooter.

In “The Passing”, players will meet up with the original Left 4 Dead’s survivors, Francis, Bill, Zoey and Louis, who will appear as non-playable characters. Valve’s Chet Faliszek told Kotaku that Left 4 Dead 2’s survivors will rendezvous with the original quartet later on in the campaign, and that they will aid Coach, Nick, Ellis and Rochelle in finishing the third map in the campaign.

That new add-on will offer an opportunity to see more of the original cast’s character traits, Faliszek said, storylines that will likely be explored in the Left 4 Dead comic book that will arrive after “The Passing”. That comic will be illustrated by Powers artist Michael Avon Oeming.

Then, about a “month or so” after that, Valve plans to release an add-on for the first Left 4 Dead, an episode that will tell the story of the original survivors’ journey to “The Passing”. That unnamed Left 4 Dead add-on will only be playable on the original game, not in the sequel.

Valve says it plans to release “The Passing” on Xbox 360 and PC in “late March” with more details on the Left 4 Dead downloadable content coming soon.


  • You think they will charge for PC users? It is a given for gamers, but considering the first games free add ons and TF2’s continued free support, maybe a glimmer of hope for a free ad on on PC?

  • Unless they say otherwise, assume all of Valve’s DLC to be free for PC. They’ve said before they wanted them to be free for the 360 but Microsoft demands charges.

  • Oh bugger, I was hoping you’d be able to play as the original 4 in this expansion. Oh well, good to know they’re adding more content to the original.

  • If this DLC isn’t free for PC, i will eat my hat.

    Great to see ongoing support for L4D1! Also REALLY great to see a crossover of universes! Can’t wait to see how that works out!

    NB: I wonder if they will add new weapons/the new special infected to L4D1? Also, how will this level work in versus? Still a lot of details i’d like to know!

  • I’d like to see this bring 8v8 versus, or even a versus where one team are L4D survivors, and the other is L4D2 survivors. They could either fight eachother, or try to rack upthe most kills.

    Either way, it looks awesome. Thanks for the news, Kotaku!

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