Left 4 Dead: The Movie Is A Dominican Republic Exclusive

Reader Miguel, from the Dominican Republic, was at work the other day when he was confronted by a man selling pirated movies. Normally, no big deal, Miguel says, happens all the time. But this time was special.

"The guy told me it's a cool movie," he says, showing us the film's cover, which is a re-purposed copy of the campaign poster for Left 4 Dead campaign "Dead Air". We're sure it would be. Zombies, planes and no snakes sounds like a winner to me.

Wonder what that copy of Avatar (in the background) was like? If "Dead Air" is anything to go by, probably a little something like this.


    this newspost is win because arrested develpopment


    So what's on the disk? Is it an actual movie? If so, which movie?

      FRAPS recording of a PUG game on L4D Dead Air campaign maybe? You know it's a documentary.

    yeah man, dont leave us hanging!

    Hopefully something to do with this:



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