Little Snake Has A Little Copy Of Metal Gear Solid 3

You may remember reader Mark, who sent us his awesome, custom Half-Life 2 figure. Well, Mark's back, with this amazing custom Metal Gear Solid 3 figure.

This custom job goes beyond the usual trend of taking an existing action figure and painting over some slight additions. Mark sculpted an all-new head entirely by hand, cannibalised a range of accessories and outfits from Vietnam-era dolls and even made some to-scale items like a Playboy mag and a wee copy of Metal Gear Solid 3.

You can see the full gallery of Mark's incredible work here.


    That is just... amazing. Just.... wow.

    Someone give that guy a free whatever-the-hell-he-wants.

    dude i want that!


    seriously the detail on everything is just amazing.

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