Live From Kingsmouth, First In-Game Footage Of The Secret World

Funcom stages its own zombie invasion in the upcoming horror conspiracy MMO The Secret World, with the reanimated citizens of Kingsmouth starring in this first in-game footage.

It can be a little hard to see under that black and white security camera filter Funcom has going on in the video, but this is what The Secret World will look like to eyes used to seeing beyond the arcane. Sure, zombies have been (and should be) beaten to death. Even the narrator of the video knows it, refusing to use the "Z" word, but at least the setting and tone of the game is appropriate to a horde of the living dead.


    They should have called them the living impaired.

    The first few moments of this had me mildly intrigued, in a Silent Hill meets Call of Cthulhu kind've way. Then the first shots of the shambling dead appeared and I completely lost interest. What is the goddamn fascination with zombies at the moment? They. Aren't. Scary!

    Why not try and do something distinct for a change?

    You're right Thomas, zombies are not scary in themselves. The brilliance of a good zombie flick isn't in the fear of the creature so much as the fear of the panicked, confused, stressed and reckless survivors. It's being locked out of the house for fear of persueing zombies, or safety of a stronghold being shattered by scavengers or the fear and paranoia that causes people to kill others.

    But how does that translate into a game?

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