"Lost" Questions I Need Answered

There won't be any gaming for me tonight, because Lost returns at 9pm ET (8.30pm, February 10 on 7TWO in Australia). I've got a batch of questions that I hope they'll resolve this final, sixth season. Unrepentant season 1-5 spoiling in this post.

I approach each season of ABC's narratively labyrinthine Lost with nagging questions. I was sure I'd have fewer coming into tonight's Season 6. The plan was that my wife and I would re-watch the five preceding seasons during January (OK, my plan, not hers). Watching all of that would make us super-smart about Lost, capable of figuring it all out. But. We're only up to the final third of Season 2. So much for studying up and being able to answer my own questions.

Still, it's not all our/my fault. There are big questions about ABC's Lost that viewers like me need answering.

Some of these questions I've asked before Some are new. All are bugging me:

1) Did Charlie die in vain? (aka is Desmond a liar? Or an inept visionary? Or both?)

The emotional crux of season three is the death of Charlie, the heart-of-gold ex-junkie who lets himself be drowned in an underwater Dharma station. He lets this happen because, earlier in the season, future-seeing pal Desmond tells him that Charlie's death is a necessary element of a future that has Charlie's island love, Claire, and Claire's baby, Aaron, get on a helicopter and rotor off to safety. Charlie struggles to accept this fate and finally does. He dies a hero. What a guy! Oh, but sorry Charlie, Claire goes missing late in Season Four, hasn't been back since except in some sort of in-the-cabin maybe-dead kind of way, while Aaron's been off the island doing just fine. Neither Claire nor Aaron left the island via helicopter, so it seems Desmond's visions of the future aren't so accurate. Or Desmond is a villain or a liar. What's up there?

2) Speaking of Desmond, when are he and Ben going to talk?

Desmond - sometimes deranged, sometimes time-warping and (see above) possibly villainous Desmond - was introduced in Season Two as a man who spent several years on The Island, pressing a button, thinking the outside world was toxic, believing he was just about alone. Also in Season Two, we meet Ben, leader of the tribe of Island natives who have been masquerading as workers in the Dharma Initiative, the very group that Desmond believed was orchestrating his button-pushing existence. So when Ben and Desmond crossed paths some time after they both encountered Jack, Kate and company, should they not have said something to each other? Possible things they could have said: Desmond to Ben: 'Wait, you were here all along and could see into my hatch?" ... or... Ben to Desmond: "Good work lying to these aeroplane crash survivors. Of course we knew about each other and Jack is a moron for not realising that you're in on my schemes"... or.. something. Instead, as best I can recall, Ben and Desmond have yet to have had a major scene together. Why not?

3) Where are Claire, Walt and Cindy?

Claire: Dead or alive? I don't know, but people who are related to Jack seem to like appearing in the Island's mysterious cabin. I'd like an answer please. Walt: Special but not that special? Walt was a magic child in the early seasons, showing up as a soaking wet distraction that helped Shannon walk into Analucia's line of fire. He was the boy who inspired Locke to climb out of a pit of corpses. He was so special that Locke was creepily teaching him backgammon and telling him a still-untelevised secret early in season 1. Yet Walt wasn't important enough to go back to The Island in seasons four and five? Odd. And Cindy, the flight attendant: You're one of the final justifications for the Tail Section season two plot-line Cindy, but instead you just vanished, then showed up early in season three with some kids in tow. What's your deal and can you justify the whole Tail Section diversion? Bernard sure isn't and the rest of them are dead.

There are plenty more things to wonder. Will those "Adam and Eve" skeletons seen in the caves of season one turn out to be the corpses of any of our beloved Lost survivors bounced through another time warp? Who is Ilana and this new faction of people? Is Charles Widmore on the side of the angels after all? Why was Farraday crying the very first time we saw him? What is the point of Miles in this show?

Oh, I could go on, but, instead, let me end, in Lost fashion with an ending I've ended with before. Two theories about what could be revealed in season six that I formulated back in May:

An old theory I still like: In the past, Eloise is informed - via Jack or Faraday's notebook - about who will be the passengers of flight 815. She then spends her life making sure those people get on that plane. Their presence on it, therefore, is not a coincidence but the satisfaction of another time loop.

A new theory I like: The emotional finale of season three - Charlie's sacrifice in the underwater base - was ruined for me when in season four the prophecy the future-seeing Desmond predicted to Charlie - that Claire and the baby would leave the island in a helicopter if Charlie died - was disproved. That vision can't come true if Claire's been killed/disappeared. But what if Season 5 splinters the cast into a new timeline? And what if, in this new timeline Claire and the baby do get off the/an island in a chopper? Then we'll have to look at Desmond anew: as a man who doesn't just see the future, but who sees multiple possible futures.

Please no spoiling season six just yet, but, otherwise, if you've made it this far, you truly care about Lost's crazy narrative. So answer my questions, please.

Oh, and what are the odds that for the fourth straight season we end six with Locke's body in a box? The man sure likes to rest in peace.


    What about the Polar bears?

      Already explained. The dharma initiative was doing experiments on animals. They were orginally from the cages Sawyer and Kate were locked in within season 2.

    Pretty sure Desmond and Ben had a pretty big scene together, when Ben shot Desmond. Admittedly, that scene was Ben and Penny though.

      Desmond never worked for Dharma. His boat crashed into the island, and he found the hatch by accident. The guy in the hatch at the time thought he was his replacement, and... some stuff happened but I don't remember what exactly. Then the guy left and Desmond had to push the button from then on in.

      So, Ben and Desmond didn't know each other. They'd never met before and aren't connected in that way, apart from the fact Desmond and Penny are together, and Penny is the daughter of Ben's arch nemissi... nemise... enemy.

      Pretty sure the answer to "Is Desmond evil?" is "No, no he's not brotha".

    I was a huge fan of lost back in the day, I watched the first season episodes on TV every week and got the DVD as soon as it came out. Second season was just as good as the first, third season was a just starting to get stupid and I tuned out half way through season 4. I hate the fact that its gone over the top sci fi, time travel, moving islands, people that never age, alternate universes. Its no wonder the show has lost half its audience in the last 2 years.

    I freaking love Lost, but it drives me batshit crazy. After every episode I yell at the tv and at the end of every season I pull great tufts of hair out cursing everyone involved with the show. Every small piece of explanation is replaced by new, even more dumbfounding mysteries. Favourite show ever. I will be watching this last season with great expectations.

    Maybe Adam and Eve are Bernard and Rose? Black and white stones in their pockets...

    I have so Lost track (get it?) of what's going on... I haven't caught up since I stopped watching (seems like ages ago) during season five... I really need to catch up :|

    Do even the writers know what's going on? I mean, it seems like the kind of show they could have wrapped up in two seasons, but y'know American producers had to bleed it out for all it's worth and destroy any sense of continuity it may or may not have had. It just seems so far fetched now and for the last two seasons, and the plot was stretched to breaking point sometime during season 3 IMO...

    So... according to that last theory, Desmond is the Kwisatz Haderach. Great. Who's been snorting spice?!

      Surely it's more likely to be Locke, the man who can be many places at once...

    They still haven't explained the pilot being pulled from the cockpit after the crash in the first ep and how his body ended up in the tree...
    I stopped watching when Echo and Charlie were chased by a black smoke and conveniently never told anyone when they got back to camp - horribly written show that relies on you believing that people stranded together don't have time to talk to each other. First season was good as they actually did communicate...
    Haven't watched since the end of S2 and never will...

      I though the pilot was pulled out by the monster we now know to be Smokey? It fits with his MO - pick 'em up, throw them around and leave them hanging somewhere.

    Faraday's story has already been solved, he's stuck in a loop, it was the last thing he figured out in his life, if you don't quite get why he's so... off, read slaughterhouse-five.

    1) Desmond presumably saw a flash of Aaron held by a woman (Kate) on the helicopter, so he presumes it was Claire. He tells Charlie he was sure because he wanted to reassure Charlie so that he would not have second thoughts.

    2)If you've actually paid attention to the show you would know that Desmond was never a Dharma man. Also, why would Desmond be mad at Ben, someone who's only masquerading as the Dharma Initiative? That would be like blaming your new neighbours for something the old neighbours did.

    3)Walt: This is gonna be a long one... *big inhale*
    Walt was going to be a big part of the show back in earlier seasons but then the creators saw audience feedback had revealed people were frustrated with so many mysteries not being solved (because they're impatient idiots who don't know how to enjoy a pleasant ride), so they decided to speak to their parent company and decide on an end date for the show which they thought would signify to the audience that they knew what they were doing. Along with the end date, they also negotiated the number of episodes to be cut down to about 16 episodes each for the last 3 seasons; they believed they could tell the most satisfying story with this many episodes, which is perhaps, where they were a bit hasty.

    This led many of the show's smaller facets like, say, Walt to be side tracked, in lieu of telling the larger story about the island and the remaining survivors; their mysteries and/or fates, ultimately explained through hints and speculation on the audience part.

    Cindy, I would imagine falls into that same category. Although she was never that interesting a setup to begin with, she does make an appearance in season 6.

    Claire is more or less in the same situation, but Claire's role in this series seems to have always been reserved for the final season.

    Despite whatever mysteries may be lingering in your mind, I really doubt these answers will do you good without the attention to detail the rest of us have of the show. I don't go on forums or participate in speculation, but I catch on easily. I just don't think you pay enough attention to this show for these answers to ultimately even matter lol

    case in point:
    One of the biggest mysteries in LOST is the character Libby, and she isn't even on your list.

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