Love - Exciting And New

With Valentine's Day creeping up on us, axe in hand, we've decided to take a moment here on Kotaku to examine all things Love.

What does that mean?

It means along with our full slate of reviews, news, opinions and features, you'll be treated to a cornucopia of stories examining the topic of love, in all of its forms, and video games this week.

We'll be discussing the importance of familial love in gaming in a piece by Totilo called The Daddening of Video Games. We'll also be talking about the curious obsession some have with Japanese girlfriend simulator Love Plus, examining the many loves of Dante's Inferno and looking at gift options for gamers. Along the way we'll have a couple of other surprises for your from special weddings to special guests.

So keep your eyes peeled, and make sure to let Isaac know if your drink needs freshening.


    I was wondering recently, do couples actually sit down and watch other people on TV be happy with all these specials on? Or is it just to taunt the lonely bastards.

    And her I was thinking this would be a story about that cute indie game...

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