LunchTimeWaster: Disposable Heroes

The life of an adventurer isn't always about killing the big bad, looting all its treasure and rescuing the distressed damsel. Most adventurers fail, swiftly and brutally and ultimately lonely.

Great Dungeon In The Sky lets you pick one of a couple dozen adventurers, each with a range of attacks and abilities, some unique, some more common. You head into a side-scrolling platforming dungeon and, chances are, die pretty quickly.

But every time you kill an enemy or a monster, it becomes available in the adventurer roster for you to pick next time. So you try again with another character with its own attacks and abilities. Maybe this time you'll get further. Maybe you'll even defeat the dragons.


Great Dungeon In The Sky [Rocket Ninja Games]


    Geez David, how long do you get for lunch? :p

    I only managed to finish about 8 stages, and it looks like there's room for heaps more (although the layout for each seems to be random and repeat often).

    having soooo much fun with this one :) hehe

    Awesome! I love games with loads of characters to unlock. Instantly favourited this one!!

    I just beat the boss and thought, "Sweet, now I'll go and finish off all the other level I haven't done yet.

    NO! I was then sent right back to the start! *sigh* I couldn't be bothered doing that again... It was fun while it lasted :P it's a bit too easy though... Especially once you get a playable dragon...

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