LunchTimeWaster: Indie Water Torture

Flood The Chamber is a brutal platformer that takes place entirely on a single screen. You start at the very bottom left corner and must work your way up to the top left. And all the while the water is rising...

It was created for Game Jolt's Rogue Contest, hence the severe difficulty. However, while it's brutal it's not utterly merciless. If you're killed by a trap, you'll respawn at the nearest checkpoint. Which is nice.

But the water continues to rise no matter how many times you respawn and once it catches up to you, you'll drown and it's game over.

Can you make it all the way to the exit this lunchtime?

Flood The Chamber [Game Jolt]


    Did you make it to the top during lunch David?
    I'm struggling! :p

      I did, eventually. Phew!

    Nice and hard, took about 20 minutes.

    When I press space I get sound effects but it doesn't get past the start screen with the instructions.

    Anything required to make it work? >_<

      Try downloading it rather than using the quick play option.

    Big thanks for the feature! I'm honoured :D

    @Joseph, the black screen bug is with Game Maker itself, here is the solution as posted by notable GM user JW:
    Everyone who has problems with running this game (including the NVidia display issue) can try this solution :

    You have to have Windows Media Player associated with the MP3 format. Having another media player like Media Player Classic associated with MP3s will not solve this problem.

    Open Windows Media Player, and go to Tools > Options > File Types > and check MP3 Audio File (mp3).

    For Windows Media Player 11, you'll probably have to place the cursor over the media player after opening it, and press Ctrl-M to make the top menu visible before you can go to Tools > Options > etc.

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