LunchTimeWaster: One Button Bob

Ready to kill some time this lunch hour? Why not play a pitfall style adventure where all you have to do is click to succeed. Yep, it always sounds easier than it is...

Kill enemies, jump gaps, dodge traps, and kill the final boss, all with just a few left-clicks. How few clicks can you complete the game in? My first attempt took 414 clicks.

One Button Bob [newgrounds]


    This is actually alot of fun, music isnt too bad either :)

    Woo, 273 clicks.

    I think getting under 200 for the gold medal would be pretty difficult, especially considering how finicky the jumping sections are.

    I nailed it in 404 the other night when I played this for the first time. Definitely a fun little game.

      291 this time, silver medal get!

    *embarrassed face*

    499 clicks... keeping in mind I was at about 300 when I got to the boss.

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