LunchTimeWaster: ‘Splosion Crate

LunchTimeWaster: ‘Splosion Crate

LunchTimeWaster: ‘Splosion CrateHere’s a browser game that distills gaming to its very essence: blowing up crates.

Boxplode is a puzzle game where you have to set off chain reactions of exploding crates. Click on the edge of a crates and it’ll explode, taking out other boxes as long as they’re all in a continuous line. But you only get a limited number of clicks per puzzle and some crates need to be exploded multiple times before they’ll disappear.

Can you clear all the crates this lunchtime?

Boxplode [site]


  • 🙂

    Signed! Nice little game… there was a couple that had me stumped for a few of mins…

    Note : I didn’t start playing til about 1 or so, so didn’t take me *that* long…

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