LunchTimeWaster: What Are Birds? We Just Don't Know

But when you get one hundred of the plumed beasts together, something magical happens. At least, it does according to this very sweet indie platformer.

Beulah and the Hundred Birds sees you riding on the back of a bluebird, leading an ever-expanding flock on a pilgrimage to, well... explore.

It was created for the Experimental Gameplay Project under the theme of 100 Things. And yes, at some point you'll have 100 birds gliding along in your wake.

If you like relaxing, peaceful platforming in the vein of Knytt, do check it out.

Beulah and the Hundred Birds [site]


    Love the Look Around You reference. I won't try this out at work, but it sounds nice.

      HAHA, yes, that look around you episode is the best one.

    Anyone else notice the one left over at the end? Kinda sad.

      Yeh, I kept trying to pick that one up but I guess whichever remaining bird didn't like the prospect of being ridden on.

    Matt, in my game I was able to find a person for all of the birds. They usually hide up near the clouds or at the end where it's hard to spot them.

    What a beautiful game...


    I can't get the bird to wake up

      Oh I see, you press Z to get on him. lol.

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