Madden 11 Cover To Be Put Up To A Vote

Madden 11 Cover To Be Put Up To A Vote

Doritos and the Super Bowl. Chances are you’ll be picking up a bag of the former before watching the latter this weekend. On the back of said bag is a promotion inviting you to vote on the game’s cover athlete this year.

In a statement, EA Sports only confirmed that it had partnered with Doritos “for an upcoming promotion surrounding the Madden NFL franchise”. The bags have started appearing at retail locations but the website to which they direct you doesn’t feature the Madden promo yet. EA Sports said the site will have full details beginning Thursday.

So we have no idea who the candidates are yet. New Orleans’ Drew Brees should almost certainly be one. San Diego’s Philip Rivers is a good possibility. The Colts’ Peyton Manning of course leaps to mind but he may be way too expensive (otherwise, he almost certainly should have appeared by now.) Minnesota running back Adrian Peterson is also a possibility. Of other quarterbacks, I guess Matt Ryan? Or we could just see a total wild card, like Madden 10’s dual choice of Larry Fitzgerald and Troy Polamalu.

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