Madden Cover Hopeful Summoning An Army Of Mullets

Vikings DE Jared Allen is one of three candidates to appear on the cover of Madden 11. You'd think that behind the Super Bowl MVP and a flashy WR he's the underdog. But he has a secret weapon.

His mullet.

"Everyone at some point in their lives has either had a mullet or known somebody with a mullet," Allen told ESPN. "I cover all spectrums, and I'm not afraid to call in a few favours".

You've got to feel for the receptionist at Madden developers Tiburon, fielding boisterous calls from people called "Frank" for weeks on end.

"If I make the cover, I'm going to straighten my mullet and make it as trashy as possible," he says. "You have to highlight the tools that got you there."

God I hope he wins.

'Madden' and Mullets [ESPN]


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