"Many More Stories" Could Be Told From BioShock

People like BioShock 1. People seem to like BioShock 2. Know what that means?

We will probably see another BioShock game. And then another. And another. Of course publisher 2K won't confirm that, because 2K like most big companies seems to like surprises that aren't really surprises.

"Rapture is probably one of the most unique places ever invented," 2K's Michael Kamper told website CVG. "I have to imagine that there are many stories that could be told within its walls. But right now we're just focused on making a successful launch for BioShock 2."

When asked about BioShock branding out to comics, films and toys, he added, "Personally I would love to see all of those things available but I can't speak to future plans regarding any brand expansion.

"We have some pretty intense fans who I know would just devour all of that material and 2K's dedication to quality would make sure that every product would be something worth spending your money on."

Universal Pictures and 2K were planning to do a film version of BioShock, but those plans were put on ice over budgetary concerns. Comics are much cheaper to make, do that!

News: BioShock has "many stories" to be told, says 2K [CVG][Pic]


    I sort of like this trend of crafting a really deep environment, then spinning several stories out of it. It leads to greater investment being made in the original world, and subsequently, more variety within those worlds because they can't (surely) tell the same story over and over, right? Stuff like the GTA Episodes, hopefully whatever Bioware do after ME:3 (though you could count ME2 and 3 as examples of what I'm saying). They're right, Rapture is a pretty cool place, not as flexible as the Mass Effect universe or Liberty City, but you could tell some pretty cool stories...

    I haven't beaten Bioshock 2 yet, partially because I'm getting Dante's Inferno out of the way, but really loved Bioshock 1. Hence, so far, even very early in the game, I'm diggin part 2 so far. However, if 2K tries to start pumpin these out like Activision pimps out CoD games then I quit. I <3 Bioshock 1 as possibly my fav game of the decade, and hope part 2 takes that spot, but don't want to get sick of the beauty that is Rapture

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