Marcus, Dom, And Wesker Party In Lost Planet 2

Here's a group of guys you probably never expected to see in the same game, much less fighting side-by-side.

By the time Capcom and MIcrosoft got around to announcing the cameo appearances by Gears of War's dynamic duo Marcus and Dom in Lost Planet 2, I had completely forgotten about the GameStop pre-order skin of Resident Evil's Albert Wesker the company paraded out back in November.

Put them all together, and what do you get? Well for one, a new batch of screenshots.


    These screenshots make me think that we need more Smash Bros/Super Robot Wars style games, with characters from as many franchises as humanly possible involved.

    is anyone else of how how much Capcom sucks up to microsoft?

    I got the impression that Capcom is trying to distract from the wonky unevenness of the gameplay as a whole. Lost Planet 1 had some nice ideas mixed with typical Capcom "we don't really get this genre, we thought you guys liked frustrating cameras and confusing design".

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