Mario & Sonic's Relationship Isn't Quite What It Used To Be

It's entirely fair to say that, while once well-matched adversaries, the last 15 years haven't quite worked out for Sonic the way they have for Mario.

Meetings of the two may not be quite this awful in real life, but in my mind, this is exactly how such a reunion would go down.

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    Hopefully Sonic Team watch this and realise how utterly stupid they are and fix it with this "Sonic 4".

    Also we need Crash back in the hands of Naughty Dog instead of Sierra.

    That was a GREAT ending LOL!

    A very sad true reality for Sega's mascot. Sonic 4 is in the right direction... But Sega need to get a grip and realise that old IP's is what lots of gamers are after. After Burner Climax is on the right direction... How about Planet Harriers Sega....?

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