Mass Effect 2 Came Out, People Got Excited

What. A. Week. Well, last week. Mass Effect 2 came out, and some of gaming's Twitterati are very excited. What about you?

Honest from Meteos developer Q Entertainment. Brutal honestly?

Duncan Jones, director of sci-fi flick Moon, NEEDS Mass Effect 2.

The Sims folks are jazzed about Mass Effect 2, too.

Prince of Persia creator Jordan Mechner doesn't know what a Deepster is, but would like one anyway. What is a Deepster?

Xbox LIVE Policy and Enforcement is powered by M&Ms, it seems.

PlayStation VP Kevin Butler sheds light onto his home life.

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    i'm over mass effect 2. i've finished it. now i'm looking forward to mass effect 3!!!

      Same, although I'll try it on hardcore and maybe insane later. Scanned all the planets just to get 100%, that was a chore. One more DLC to do and I'm done. Roll on ME3, it's going to be epic.

    Ditto, my life is without meaning for another 2 years.

    Really guys?? The main story??

    I hope theres at least the same game-time if not, MORE! for side-quests etc.. meeting new characters and exploring.
    I haven't and opted against reading too much about it and whats included and excluded.

    But are their vehicles again? Do you have to explore via that hideous automobile. Some planets are fun, but most are crap and annoying. Got a bit repetitive in that part - don't way i don't want the feature, but if its gone, it wont be missed THAT much.

    I'm still finishing the current Playthrough on Mass Effect 1 that way I did everything i wanted MY way for my Sheppard's continuation in ME2.

    I've only tested ME2 up until meeting the Quarian from ME1 on that planet. So far, its freaking awesome. LOVING the combat.

      No vehicle sequences at all. no Mako. no borring, camera jerking driving on random terrain.

      Though im not a fan of the new planet sidequest/task in ME2 which is scanning for minerals. Takes too long and is boring imo. But still better then the mako missions

        I'm really disappointed that they took out the Mako. I know a lot of people didn't like its handling, but even so I enjoyed driving around the planets, it had a great feeling of exploration. I wish they had just tweaked it a bit so the thing handled better, and then populated the planets with more varying and interesting things to find. The probe mini-game isn't horrible, but its not nearly as much fun as driving up mountains hoping to find some pirates looting a wreckage to fight.

    Just a note of warning. I own an SD TV and the game is virtually unplayable if you actually want to read most of the in-game text. That's not to say you can't play it if you don't care about reading text (this includes pop-ups telling you what you've picked up, what action you can perform, and what missions and points you've just been given).

    In case people think this is a problem affecting only a few people, and I should just upgrade to an HD TV, I don't believe this is an acceptable solution. HD TV is still not considered the norm, and many people still have their SD TVs because they simply cannot afford upgrading, especially just to play one game.

    Hopefully a patch will be announced soon. In the meantime, I am fortunate that my store is happy to refund my money. I believe that is the only way for any business to notice that they are treating their customer base poorly.

    How the hell can people finish a game so quickly? It's been out for a week FFS. I'll be taking my time and cherising every moment of it.

      Most likely they don't have full time jobs. I've been at it almost every day after work and on the weekend and I'm about 15 hours through (two missions past where i swapped disks).

        That's exactly what it is, I've been playing Modern Warfare pretty much as much as I can since it came out and JUST YESTERDAY hit level 70.
        My brother (uni student) is on the 5th prestige.
        We're about the same skill level too.
        Damn work keeping me from my games.

        P.S I have an old-school DS that I take on the rare occasions I use a train. Hope people aren't pointing and laughing at me.

    I have a full-time job and I played it, clocked it, and shelved it.

    The game is over pretty quickly once you recruit your dudes.

    I was actually disappointed at how quick and sudden ME2 ends.

    Yeah it seems most of the meat in ME2 is from aquiring new party memebers and doing their loyalty quests.

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