Mass Effect 2's Yamm Isn't So Bad, Yo

BioWare role-playing game Mass Effect 2 has a survey for every planet and star in the game. Here's a snippet about Yamm:

With over 90 percent of its surface covered in oceans, Yamm is a habitable nitrogen-oxygen world, but its extremes can be quite hostile to sapient life. The heat from its extremely long days reaches dangerous levels ranging from 24 Celsius at night to 53 in the afternoon in the temperate zones.

Its extremes can be quite hostile to sapient life? We know this is talking about the temperate ares, but really? At night, 24C sounds just cosy, and as reader AbdulElah points out, it's not uncommon for places like Saudi Arabia to record temps of 53.

But if you are sitting in BioWare's Edmonton, Canada offices, 54C sure seems "hostile" to sapient life, but in Saudi Arabia, that's just called "summertime". Though, Edmonton's -20C winter days probably seems down right belligerent to those living in warmer climates.

Yamm has a population of half a million, so the climate can't be that terrible. And surely nobody is taking the planet codex seriously - especially after this.

Oh, and one more thing. America? Use the metric system. Please.


    I for one strongly support the notion for America changing to the metric system. It's a joke that this hasn't happened yet!

    Oh and interesting article by the way.

    i'm not sure if its just because i came back from the pub but looking at the stars tonight it really made me appreciate the vastness of the universe and made me think about galaxy mapping around the universe in mass effect and how huge everything really is.

    As cool as it is scanning the planets and using the Normandy to fly around, they really effed the Galaxy Map up. It's total confusing and I still haven't figured it out completely.

    If only they kept it as it was, just ADD the flying and the scanning. I miss also searching out for un-scanned asteroids or ships and spotting them out.

    It even sucks that you can't go to clusters from previous Mass Effect.

      it's confusing? in what way?


    It is mildly cool, i need to wear a blanket.

    the horror....

    24C at night is warm enough to make sleeping a bit miserable if you don't have the luxury of air conditioning. And yes Saudi Arabia commonly has summer temps of 54C, but 54C IS HOSTILE to humans. You could very easily die in that.

    I know you're probably doing this a little tongue-in-cheek, but technically they aren't incorrect about the weather being "hostile". Imagine 53C in Europe...

    Sounds like someone took the numbers off the top of their head without thinking/checking...

    The highest temperature ever recorded in Saudi Arabia was 51.1c

    Are you ignoring the fact that this is the temperate zone? That's like saying Saudi Arabia is a normal European spring day.

    man, weather here in australia could reach over 40C, and school would be cancelled for that day, and no one would leave home. that shows how bad it is. i can't even imagine 50C...

    Ok, gotta step in here as a native of Arizona. (check out the bottom few points)

    It was 122F in Phoenix in 1990, I was there that day, I remember it pretty clearly. I have a t-shirt!

    122F = 50C Phoenix 1990
    128F = 53.33C Lake Havasu City, 1994

    It was hot, and horrible and you could/would die in it if you weren't supported by LOTS of water and whatnot. The sunburn alone... /shudder.

    Of course, if you'd also noticed that the planet's capital is given as "New Karnak" - possibly in reference to the Karnak Temple in Egypt - I'd say that BW intended to reference that part of the world.

    Mistakes have been made in the past because the Americans refuse to convert to metric. Someone forgets to convert then BAM, problems.

    Anyone notice that the description says 'the extremes are hostile', key word extremes. Extremes on Earth are also hostile to life. Nothing to see here, people.

    not to be nit-picky, but the scan says the extremes can be hostile to sapient life, the temperatures your quoting are the "temperate" ones.

    so, yeah, nice try, but no cigar.

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