Meet The New Guitar Hero Boss, Not The Old Guitar Hero Boss

Say goodbye to the old Guitar Hero CEO Dan Rosensweig. He's leaving the position at Activision after less than a year, a year in which the Guitar Hero (and DJ Hero and Band Hero) franchise didn't do so well.

And please welcome the new Guitar Hero boss, David Haddad, formerly the COO of the Guitar Hero brand who will assume the operational duties of giving us more Hero branded games in 2010. Why the change? Probably the aforementioned not-doing-so-well.

As the LA Times illustrates in informative numbers, Guitar Hero 5 sold less than a million in the United States last year compared to its predecessor Guitar Hero: World Tour's 3.4 million.


    Yes GH did have a shocker of a year, to think that at one point everyone ever got Guitar hero basically first day, and now UFC is selling three times as much as it. Maybe they should reboot the franchise and go back to basics?

    Maybe they should stop releasing so many iterations, and treat artists with more respect.

    Right now I have no interest in owning anything guitar hero again outside of my copies of Metallica and GHWT.

    Maybe they should go back to using songs that don't suck (read: songs that aren't lame attempts to push pop-songs as legitimate guitar experiences)

    Yeah, GH hasn't felt as rock as it should've since GH3.

    Excluding obviously titles like GH: Metallica/Van Halen.

    Make it about the metal.
    Don't aim for songs that popular, aim for songs that make you feel like a rock god.
    Then maybe I'll start buying again.

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