Mel Brooks, Chevy Chase, Superman Sound Off On Video Games

Gaming academic Ian Bogost shares with the world this scan from a 1982 issue of Videogaming Illustrated, in which 1982 celebrities share their thoughts on the video games.

Being 1982, we've got a stellar lineup, including comedian Mel Brooks, Superman's Christopher Reeve, and another comedian, Chevy Chase. And remember, this is 1982, so all are at the height of their powers.

Reeve and Chase are quite mean. Though, being 1982, that's understandable. Brooks, on the other hand, issues a line that should be inscribed on the gates to video game land.

Mel Brooks, Ontologist [Bogost]


    How facile. It just goes to show that you shouldn't listen to celebrities. Why is Angelina Jolie a goodwill ambassador to UNHCR?

    "Atari's" and "Pong games", oh gawd. It's sad how many adults from the older generation still hold these types of views today. It's like our parents have been living under rocks for the past 30 years. Video games made great leaps in complexity and maturity from the 80's to 90's to now, particularly in the adventure titles of the late-90's, yet it seems the social conscience resets every decade.


      You do realise the article this post is based on is from 1982, right? 28 years ago...

      ...and that Christopher Reeve and Mel Brooks are long dead?

        Well of course, I was just pointing out the similarities between the way of thinking about games back then and how many adults still perceive them in similar ways today, despite all the advances in various areas.

        Mel Brooks isn't dead, dude.

        Mel Brooks is very much alive, and I'll thank you not to give me a heart attack with your false information.

    "I think it's sad that they don't go outside and do that same stuff with their bodies."

    Ok Chevy Chase. I shall go out now and shoot some hookers in the face with a shotgun. Only because you told me to ;)

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