Metal Gear Solid Peace Walker Was Originally MGS5

Last May, Kojima Productions launched a teaser site with either a "S" or a "5". It was a number "5". And it belongs to Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker.

According to Konami spokesperson Jirou Oishi, Peace Walker was named Metal Gear Solid 5 during the planning stages. These are concept logos for the game.

Peace Walker no longer carries the "5", but for Konami, the title lives up to its the number. "This game is an MGS5-class game," Hideo Kojima stated in July 2009. "I am supervising, designing, producing, directing and editing this title together with the MGS4 team."

Metal Gear: Peace Walker will be released on April 29 in Japan, May 25 in the US and May 27 in Europe. The game will require "hundreds of hours" to complete.

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    Hundereds of hours? Is that the story or all the extra content included?

    It IS MGS5, where has kotaku been. Hideo has stated this repeatedly, in title or not it neither here nor there.

      No he hasn't. He has constantly stated that it is "an MGS5-class game", and that it is being worked on by the MGS4 team and is important to the storyline of the MGS series. However, he has never stated that it IS MGS5. In fact, by the time it was announced, it was Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker. Whether or not it was MGS5 before or not is irrelevant, as the game now is MGS: Peace Walker, NOT MGS5: Peace Walker.

      Unless you have a link to provide that proves otherwise?

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