Metal Gear Solid: The Pizza Walker?

A Liverpool pizza parlor has a very familiar logo. As seen by reader Rob.


    Someone should cosplay as Snake, walk in there and order a pizza to scare the pants off of the employees

    Makes you wonder if the pizza shop owners are aware of the logo theft, or if they hired a designer to design their logo and he ripped it off with the shop owners being none the wiser.

      More than likely either of those scenarios, warcroft. There is a plague of "no standard" designers out there, from simple (shudder) clip-art receptionists to outright logo theft of either popular or obscure logos refitted to 'mom & pop' shops. Mostly because everyone thinks they "know" what good design is when they really don't.


      A great sample of this 'concept':

    I hope Psycho Mantis runs the place.
    Me "Ill have a...."

    PM "Ham and pineapple pizza and a coke. I can see that you have been playing Castlevania, you also do not have enough change'

    Pizza? Pizza?

    Someone needs to enter the store in a box and see if the staff realise its actually a person in hiding.

    I can see a Cease and Desist order coming...

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