Microsoft Want To Use The 360 For Health Care

As of right now, you can use an Xbox 360 to play games, watch movies, listen to music and communicate with people. In the future, however, Microsoft would like you to also use it for health care.

The R&D guys at Microsoft Research are hard at work finding ways for new uses for the Xbox 360, and some are currently focused on getting the 360 into hospital rooms. One potential application is to combine the 360's relatively low cost and dedicated performance to "feed information from electronic medical records onto in-room display screens for patients".

Upcoming camera/motion sensing peripheral Project Natal is also being looked at, a possible use for the device being a means of filtering patient information: being able to differentiate between individuals, Natal could adjust the amount of patient detail being displayed depending on whether a doctor or family member was in the room.

Natal could also, through it's controller-free input, be used as a way to not only allow sick and injured hospital patients to play video games without the need to hold or manipulate a device, but also give them easy access to hospital services and even - in a first for the Xbox 360 - internet browsing (though we'd imagine if this ever came to be they'd be custom pieces of hardware, not off-the-shelf consoles).

Microsoft E-health Research Taps Xbox, Mobile Phones [PC World]


    I find the prospect of an X-Box being used for health care completely terrifying. With the hardware failure rate, who would want any part of their treatment to include a console known for the red ring of death? I would also question the decision making of any government foolish enough to purchase hardware with such a terrible reputation.

    Whats the point of Natal in hospitals? If you can't rest a controller on your legs in bed and play then what makes them think you can stand up and move around

    Could work as an exercise tool/ recovery tool

    Still, parhaps hiring/giving pay rises to doctors is a better use of money?

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