Monster Hunter 3 Coming Later This Year

Game Wave, the Hong Kong game magazine that ran an article about the PS3 Slim before it was officially announced, is back with another rumour.

According to the cover of an upcoming issue, Monster Hunter Portable 3 will be out at the end of this year.

PSP title Monster Hunter Freedom 2 was originally released back in Japan in 2007 and got an expansion the following year. Monster Hunter 3, while unconfirmed, does seem logical. While Game Wave might have gotten the PS3 Slim GamesCon announcement correct, the publication has ran erroneous rumours in the past. So be aware of that.

Kotaku has reached out to Capcom for a comment.

Update: When asked about this rum or, Capcom UK pointed out that the "cover is basically the Tri logo with the word Portable superimposed". If and when Capcom announce another Portable, it will have a new logo and not just a Photoshop job.

跨傳媒遊戲新聞速遞 - GAMEWAVE第503期經已出版 [Cross Media]


    Okay, I'll admit to being a Monster Hunter nut.

    Here's the announcements as they stand:

    Monster Hunter 3 (tri) is on Wii and is the sequel to the PS2 game Monster Hunter G (which the West never saw). It is due for release some time in April. April 6 for US, 30th for Europe, which means Australia should hopefully see it around the 30th.

    Monster Hunter Frontier is the PC game, which is pay-to-play online in something of an MMO-like format with an XBOX 360 version recently being announced for Asia. No news if the West is getting this yet, it will depend on sales of Monster Hunter tri.

    Capcom has given hints on their Website another Monster Hunter Portable for the PSP is coming, but no release date is forthcoming. That magazine alleges an end of 2010 release date for a Monster Hunter Portable 3 in Japan, but is mostly rumours. However, it has been found to be a reliable source of rumours in the past.

    The Spinoff game featuring Felynes has little information about it and is supposed to be released in Japan around August (Northern Hemisphere Summer)

    So there's a heap of Monster Hunter titles coming, but only the Wii one is actually Monster Hunter 3 (tri) and it's the only one coming to the West at this stage.

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