More Fist Of The North Star Screens, Of Course Already Dead

The latest batch features helmet wearing bad guy Jagi, who was disfigured after trying to kill his brother, Kenshiro.

In March 2010, Tecmo Koei is bringing post-apocalyptic martial arts manga Fist of the North Star (Hokuto no Ken) to the PS3 and the Xbox 360 in Japan. The game has been titled Hokuto Musou, and is part of Koei's popular "Musou" series of games.

According to Tecmo Koei, gamers will "unleash a myriad of devastating fighting techniques and finishing moves powerful enough to bring down whole buildings", cause enemies to "violently explode on screen" and trigger "the instantaneous breakdown of internal organs".

The manga Fist of the North Star debuted in 1983 and went on to spin off two animated series and motion pictures.

"You're already dead" is a bad-ass catch phrase uttered in Fist of the North Star.


    I am so Hoping this game gets a release over here.

    You know what would be ironic, if this game was already dead, trapped in development hell.

    Wow. Looks like dynasty warriors.

    As a side note, thank you! Totally forgot what the name of the manga was, always wanted to check it out... :P

    Goddamn that looks incredible...LOVED the anime.


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