Most World Of Warcraft Players Don't Go Past Level 10

Not the best of days for World of Warcraft news, this, with the announcement of the game's stagnant userbase followed by a revelation most WoW players barely scratch at Azeroth's surface.

Blizzard CEO Mike Morhaime said earlier today that 70 per cent of World of Warcraft players fail to progress past level 10 in the game. Considering you can advance your character all the way up to level 80, that's not very far, indicating that most WoW players either hang around doing nothing or, as seems more likely, don't stick around too long.

And that suggests the game has a fairly high turnover rate at the moment, perhaps explaining why WoW's subscriber base hasn't moved past 11.5 million in over a year.

If Blizzard can't address that in the game's upcoming expansion pack, Cataclysm, we really could - finally - be looking at the game's tipping point in terms of popularity. Not its end, of course... just the point where the end is closer than the beginning, and that almighty playerbase begins to contract a little.

Which, to be honest, I've been looking forward to for years. I do love a good struggle over succession. The King is dead, long live the King, etc etc.


    That is because most of the new accounts are gold spammers.

    You forgot to factor in all the gold spammer alts that can made every minute or so (each).

    Their expansions are actually a pretty good analogy for the game's life cycle:

    Burning Crusade - This game has now moved on to another world, leaving other online RPGs behind.

    WotLK - As the Lich King falls, the 'King' of MMORPGs also starts to fall.

    Cataclysm - When everything turns to shit.

    As well as trial accounts that can't go past level 10.

    And ofcourse the loads of level 1 bank alts.

    Actually, I'd take into consideration all the people who bought the $2 game trial, made an account, didn't like the game, and left. I know I am amongst them. I made a lvl12 and a lvl8 character, and just didn't really get into it.
    And I'm sure there are a bunch of similar such tales.

    not just that. old content is somewhat dead anyways. most of the buzz is at the top end level. anyone thats still stuck grinding is...well... stuck. they wont see a lot of traffic, support, or help at lowbie levels.

    it helps if you can get a friend to link to and make use of the increased exp gain - but not everyone has a bored lvl 80 decked friend.

    sub 70 areas are pretty much barren wastelands. hence the attempt to freshen up things on catac.

    @hmok: Burning Crusade – This game has now moved on to another world, leaving other online RPGs behind.

    Nah - Burning Crusade is when they burn out most of the core raiding guilds due to overtuned raid content.

    Doesn't help when almost everyone you meet in that game is a complete d-bag.

    This information seems highly suspicious to me. I won't be at all surprised if there is a follow up clarifying this information.

    I'm basing this on the fact that it takes about 5 hours to get to level 10. That means that in order to maintain the 11 million subscribers, approximately 7 million people would need to buy WoW every month (unless there are 7 million people just wasting subscription fees). 7 million new users every month is patently ridiculous.

    At lot of these comments seem to be, dare I say, misinformed?

    There is a heap of support for lowbie characters grinding away to level 80 and a lot of leveling specific guilds put together by people chasing 80.

    As for everyone who plays being a douche bag, I've always found the ratio of friendly people to butt holes to be wildly in favour of friednly people. About 1 in every 20 people you'll meet in WoW will be unpleasent, as opposed to matchmaking in Halo where every second person is a screeching a hole.

    WoW won't die until something better comes along to replace it and so far nothing has.

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