Mum Sells Old NES And 5 Games - For $US13,105

A mum in North Carolina listed an NES and five carts on eBay last week for $US9.99. Final winning bid: $US13,105. One of the games in the lot happened to be the ultra-rare Stadium Events, in its original box.

What's Stadium Events? Well, according to its Wikipedia entry, it was a Bandai exer-game that used the Power Pad, originally known as the Family Fun Fitness mat; it's considered the rarest licensed NES game made available in North America. It was only released in a northern US test market in 1987. In 1988, Nintendo bought the North American rights to the mat, re-released it as the Power Pad, and anything Family Fun Fitness branded was taken off the shelf and destroyed..

Fewer than 2000 copies of the game were believed to have been produced, only 10 complete specimens are thought to exist, only one of them factory sealed.

It's not clear if the seller knew what she had on her hands when she started the auction. If not, she sure found out once the questions about Stadium Events started pouring in and the bids soared north of $US1000. Either way, I'm sure she is delighted to get 13 grand for something that had been sitting in a closet for several years.

Would You Pay $US13,105 for an NES with 5 Games? [Hot Blooded Gaming]


    awesome story.

    This is a prime example of luck i will never have!

    I wonder what I could get for my fully boxed copy of Elite for NES, one of the rarest games around.

    ive got a nes with 12 games in their boxes. wish that would go for 13 grand :(

    Maybe now she can buy some decent furniture.

    Wow! I've still got my NES! Unfortunately i dont have the boxes =\.

    I so should have kept all my existing consoles. My kids could have made a fortune in 20 years.

    My cousin has stadium events, it is so fun. Its basically wii fit except its fun and twenty years earlier.

    That's one good reason to prefer auctions to a 'buy-now' price. At least from her perspective.

    Somehow i don't think my NES would reach quite so much :P

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