Naughty Dog Helping Naughty Dogs

Reader Christopher was down at his local animal shelter in Long Beach, California recently when he noticed something a little odd.

The kennels there are mostly sponsored by companies to help keep things running, and most of those companies are pet-related. Dog food, cat grooming, that sort of thing.

Except this one, which is sponsored by video game developer Naughty Dog, the team responsible for the Uncharted and Jak & Daxter series.

Know what I like most about this? This is the first I've heard of it. There wasn't a press release issued with pictures of it being built, or a Spike TV segment showing some guy dressed up as Nathan Drake cuddling lost dogs. It's just... something that's been done. Which is the way this kind of business should be done.


    bravo i say. great to see not every one needs to boast.

    Nice to see a company beibg humble rather than going crazy with the PR machine.

    Yay for Naughty Dog! As an animal lover, my respect for you guys just went up 100000... OVER 9000!

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