New Borderlands Achievements Hint At New Level Cap

The achievement list for "The Secret Armory of General Knoxx" - Borderlands' third DLC package - indicates the level cap in Borderlands has been raised to at least 61.

Rumors also have it that the level cap raise will go to 70, which sounds plausible. It's unlikely Gearbox would stop on an odd number.

There are 10 more achievements worth 250 Gamerscore. In addition to the level cap raise, it looks like we'll build cars, kill midgets and fight a big crab. Here they are:

• Making a Monster (10)

Build the New Car: Monster

• Athena, Out (25)

Rescue Athena

• Depot Demolition (25)

Destroy the Lance Depot

• Vincible (50)

Kill Crawmerax the Invincible

• Sneaky Little Buggers (25)

Kill each of the loot midgets

• Speed Kills (25)

Destroy a Lancer while in a Racer

• Ding! Overleveled (15)

Reach Level 51

• Ding! Overleveled to 11 (40)

Reach Level 61

• Completionist (25)

Complete all missions in Secret Armory

• Secret Achievement (10)

Continue playing to unlock this secret achievement.

Borderlands Updated to 1500 [Xbox 360 Achievements, thanks ubertrance]


    Lol Crawmerax the Invincible is an epic name :)

    Hooray for borderlands!
    this will get me back into it!
    but srsly you guys, once mordecai has gunslinger amxxed out and a masher, its game over for everything anyway.

      I'm hoping it will include skill rebalancing with deeper trees and a secondary active skill for each spec (deep enough trees that you can only get 1). Would be nice not to have situations where once a class is maxed in a certain way it completely dominates.

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