New Diablo III Screens

Blizzard released some new screenshots for Diablo III over the weekend. With the game not due until 2011 at the earliest, those with short attention spans have been warned.

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    Um... it looks kind of... shit? If people were complaining about the graphics being too bright... well :\

      Justin I agree. I hope they're using that extra year to do up the graphics because those pictures there are pretty damn unimpressive. Mayhaps it looks a lot more impressive in motion but so far so lame...

        its probably going for a feasible graphical zone so people with crappy computers can play. It looks kinda neat really. I dont expect blizzard games to need pro computers since they have such a large and (old computer owning, just check out ppl that still play starcraft d2 and wc3) fanbase

    You'll buy it whether it was stick figures or Crysis graphics in a top down view. Now shuttup. :P

    Looks like a sequel to Diablo to me. Diablo's environments weren't exactly super special awesome detailed. You're in a desert. What are you going to find other than sand?

    with comments like the above, it makes me wonder how old some of these people are who bag a game by how it looks. I grew up with monochrome green/black and white screens then through all the different display types, up until and including current generation.

    The number of teenagers that I see in stores picking up games and bag the crap out of it, because it might not be anit-aliased enough or because its just not on their preferred platform is rediculous.

    personally I think the graphics suite the location nicely. lets face it, its never going to pitch black in the middle of a desert. it just aint gonna happen unless there is a lunar eclipse.

      or when the Claw Vipers are using the headpiece to block the sun.

        What marty you think you're special? I'm 32, my first computer was a 'Pencil II' computer you had to program your games into from a book and save to a cassette player thanks. I know all about monochrome displays and the computer could only display in ascii characters.

        However, time has moved on. Go join the queue of people complaining about the good ole days when 'Pacman and pong' were great.

        They have a year to optimise this is true, but the screenshots there simply aren't anything to rave about at all, they're very very average and people will only compliment them because they're bloody Blizzard and goddamn Diablo 3. If it was 'Anonymous Developer Studios Generic Dungeon Crawler Game' coming out people would be saying 'Looks interesting but goddamn doesn't it look bland? So I'm sorry but you're being a bit hypocritical.

          Well, I'm 19, and what I think Marty's problem is is that old, old games sort of required you to use your imagination... to the point where the game almost doesn't have graphics at all. Well, I grew up playing Doom and Quake, so cut me some slack. Also, who's to say a game shouldn't be praised for having a good aesthetic? I'm all for the gameplay over graphics argument, but not to the point where graphics become completely unimportant...

            I understand what you're saying but every single game requires use of imagination to some degree. What I'm simply saying is that, I'm unimpressed with what I've seen of D3 so far.

            I don't buy into the whole bullshit so far that's been spun by complainers 'Its too bright' 'its got rainbows' 'you can rape ponies' or whatever... I just think so far, we haven't really seen anything truly impressive in regards to what it is. Given the technological advancements of the last five years in terms of graphic ability on computers, I hope the final product is a thing of beauty I really do. I would hate to see it come out and have WoW's graphics be comparitive lol.

    I get the impression that most of the people who dislike the screens, are actually griping over the environments and the art style rather than the "graphics". Semantics, I know, but I feel it's an important distinction.

    I think the screenshots look incredible, but what would appeal to me more as a game, would be something like Torchlight's more colourful world with this D3 quality lighting, spells and textures etc (although such things could end up being detrimental to the more 'cartoony' art style of Torchlight itself).

    Wow that looks boring. Think I'll go play some Torchlight and forget about this whole Diablo 3 mess altogether.

    Looking awesome, hell I played Diablo 2 for four years straight and still get it out occasionally (mods etc). Even if D3 had 10 year old graphics like the original, I would still buy it day 1.

    These graphics are just icing on a delicious cake to me. Shame about how long until release though, just looking at all the SC2 delays isn't exactly hopeful thinking.

    Guess they're looking for a balance between the Diablo II die-hards and the pyrotechnic Torchlighters.
    As long as I can see what's gnawing on my ribs through the chaos of exploding spells and giblets, I'll be second in the queue behind McNulty.
    Taking the gameplay vids (rather than screens) as a guide, I'd say they're doing a pretty good job.

      I agree. I have no qualms with the art style, and think that all the gameplay videos looks pretty cool. I mean, it's no Crysis, but the combination of enemies crawling up walls, demons being summoned and all the other shit going on looks to make it a rich experience. The screens do make it look pretty crappy, but honestly, with the popularity of torchlight being able to run on Netbooks, and that one feature being something that is even better than Blizzards approach that people with old systems should be able to play thier games proabably means they have a fairly scalable engine. At least you can tell whats goin on in the screen.

    It's all rather brown. I guess after all that idiotic whining the idiotic whiners whined eventually had some impact on the art direction. Here's hoping for a little more colour on release.

      @J The colours are fine to me but there seems to be a slight change in colours since announced. What i didn't understand about the complainers was that Diablo 2 was quite colourful itself, Act 2 was complete desert with bright yellow desert plains and the like.

      I hope in the end blizzard makes their own decisions rather than being influenced by whiners.

    Ya know what. All you tooools judging this game on the graphics....well go have another think about it. All the games i've ever enjoyed weren't enjoyed because they were pretty - i enjoyed them because they had ridiculously good game play! Heard of that one? Game play? Ye, COD MW2 looks amazing and i sometimes look around and go "oooo pretty", but at the end of the day I play it because it PLAYS well because of the GAME's addictive because of the GAME PLAY. Have I said it enough yet? Probably not. You graphics obsessed nuts will probably only ever enjoy something 'pretty'. I'll take game play over graphics, any day any week any year.
    I for one cannot wait for the GAME PLAY Diablo 3 has to offer :)
    -Mike out.

    PS..anyway the graphics look bloody good to me! What more do you want! Just take a look at diablo 2, this is leagues ahead.

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