"New" Duke Nukem Forever Footage Opens Old Wounds

More remains from the exploded corpse of Duke Nukem Forever have been found, uploaded to YouTube and paired with unusually inappropriate music, giving followers of the Duke Nukem soap opera another chance to grieve the loss of 3D Realms' game.

It's dark, blurry, occasionally covered in on-screen blood and maybe a little familiar to those of you who have been seeking out every scrap of footage and screen shot from the long in development Duke Nukem Forever. At least, that's what we think this new-to-us footage is from, based on the enemies, fingerless gloves and big weapons.

And you know, some of it looks quite good. I wouldn't mind getting the chance to play Duke Nukem Forever at some point, baggage and all.

If you'd like to see much of the same footage with more Duke appropriate music and a few developer logos pasted onto the intro, look right here.


    That doesn't look half bad. I'd buy it (well, would have.)

    Anyone notice the PRESS B at one point.

    me thinks we are being had by the developers and they are still working on this........ and for 360

      Yeah, I didn't see it, but looking at the way the character moves, it's definitely being played on a controller... and it's the same with the older leaked gameplay vids.

    That looks fun :( imagine if those buckets of blood had splash effects instead of just dissapearing! :( want!

      It looks okay, but really, that it took them that long to reskin Duke3D with some new models and through some levels in from Duke Nukem Forever.... It confuses me how they managed to fuck up

    That's definately a console game, the d-pad image in the left bottom corner of the screen is proof enough.

    Looks like a call of duty mod, look at the weps, the damage and grenade indicator, though the 2nd half outside reminds me a bit more of far cry though im still saying its a call of duty mod, the melee was changed from knife to booting aswell I think, wild speculation ofcourse.

    it's got the MW2 (HEY YOUR BEING SHOT AT FROM THIS DIRECTION) indicator ?! (that many many other games use. . but It looks .. so identical!) .. and the music ? WTF MATE!

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