New Fable III Screenshot Is Not Big On Customer Service

Lionhead quietly released a single new screenshot for Fable III today, showing the "cranky" version of the game's hero dragging some poor sod off to the dungeon.

Where he'll no doubt be spat at in the face. The lucky, lucky bastard. What wouldn't I give to be spat at in the face.


    The character models/clothes are looking a lot better... I found in the first you were kind of an awkward fat dude no matter how you dressed yourself or how much celery you ate...

    There are certain places you can go, and certain persons you can pay, to have spittle projected violently at your face.

    Its called a music festival.

      You, sir have clearly not been to the right festivals.

      They tend to throw beer, also.

    Yay +1 for Python reference!

    ingame shot or just promo shot?

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