New Final Fantasy XIII Screens Let You Compare Xbox 360, PS3

Square Enix has summoned a batch of new screens for the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 versions of Final Fantasy XIII, perfect for those still unsure which version will win the fidelity contest. There's good news for both camps.

There's plenty of new, gorgeous looking screens of the game's battles, the wide open fields, a handful of cinematic events and even some nicely rendered menus. They're all sharp and ready to be ogled.

And according to the newest shots of the localised version of Final Fantasy XIII, both console versions look exactly the same. Exactly. Square Enix went to painstaking lengths to ensure that each and every shot looks identical, save for the display of the buttons on the role-playing game's interface. Everyone's a winner!

What's that you say? These are just the same screens with different buttons layered on top? Really? You think? Huh.

PlayStation 3



    man that's really cheap.. they are the exact same shots wit just different buttons superimposed on the pic... tsk tsk.. how dare u SE

      So it's bad that Square-enix spent a lot of time and effort to make it so the game runs and looks exceptional on BOTH platforms....?

      Don't forget, the PS3 actually has less graphical processing power than a 360, it's more suited as a number cruncher than a graphics platform.

      I think they did a great job.

      Only two shots are the same pic with buttons super imposed.. But then again its probably easy for square enix to take screenshots at a particular frame in the same dungeon for the same move for that character.
      4 of the eight shots are different sooo, Make your mind up people! I think they may be legit

      Often you can't tell very much in screen shots, but once you see the game running its a world difference.

      I was thinking the same thing considering they are EXACTLY the same time/frame in both versions.

      But then again - perhaps there isn't a major difference between the two versions. But try telling a Sony fangirl that - they can just go back to their Bayonetta.

      be an outraged gamer and boycott.

    I don't think they look the same. These are pretty small pics to be judging from, but the PS3 version has darker darks vs. Xbox 360 version.

    Granted, they look 95% the same, but Xbox 360 version looks slightly washed out. It could be more noticeable on a big screen tv tho....

    First of all, the first screenshot of both is exactly the same (probably Photoshoped the buttons).

    Secondly, these screenshots are WAY TOO SMALL to even be comapared with.

    Apparently the 360 version looks sharper due to a higher res, but video looks compressed. opposite for the PS3.

    lol, even the aura pattern is 100% same. can they really get such perfect screenshots?

    Do i win a prize for spotting the difference?

    Good work SE, you've done a great job porting apparently. Word is anyhow that the 360 and PS3 versions are so close to each other its barely distinguishable which one is which......until the time to change dvd's comes along lol.

    I've preordered the PS3 version over the 360 version because... actually, I have no idea. Less chance of me leaving multiple discs out to collect dust?
    I'm still thinking there will be more 360 copies sold than the PS3 version outside of Japan.

    theres a story up on sankaku that says Square has no idea how this happened but it wasn't intentional. I'll give them the benefit of the doubt because they are a great set of devs. Also did anyone else laugh on the last picture which shows a black guy and the word 'Diversity' over him?

    I heard that the 360 has lower quality cutscenes. True? False?


    Who cares if the lead character is a chick, i want this game now!

      He also has a Baby Chocobo in his hair... dont forget that :)

    Gee wizz they both look fantastic although (just a thought) the colours on the behemoth king in the 360 version look a little bit (very little bit) washed out. Can anyone else see that or am i just going blind?

    The 360 shots looks a little hazy

      Cognitive dissonance, much? They're literally exactly the same - open them in two browser tabs and switch back and forth between the two and you'll see.

    These fact that these shots are fake has already been established.

    Link: (NSFW)

    I'm glad that Square Enix has put effort into making both versions look alike. Reduces the amount of griping and gloating between--

    I'm sorry, I can't finish that statement with a straight face. In any case, definitely looking forward to playing the game.

    HAHAHA @ the idiots who were sitting here comparing the two and saying one looks better than the other. They're the same photo, you idiots!!!


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