New Left 4 Dead 2 Poster Needs A Tagline


    "In space, no one can hear you scream."

    I've got nothing, but that's been a successful tagline in the past, why not now?

    "You can't miss it"

    "it'll be painful"

    It's supposed to be about taking a poop or something.

    I want to incorporate something about bowels or pooping in there somewhere but I couldn't figure out anything good enough.

    "Let's Flush This Crap"

    "the life & death of neon signs"

    Coach suffers a heart attack from the flashing billboards, this becomes a race against time to meet up with the OG crew & get him to mercy hospital.

    Where did you get the poster it looks wrong, just look at coach, rochelle and nick's head's. If it's not concept its fake imho, too much clipping, eg. coach's arm/head and rochelle's gun (don't forget the deformed face). Also its quite hilarious that the survivors are standing underneath "The Happy Sexshop", nice find.

    "Passing this is going to be a bitch."

    Yeh, I've got nothing worth using. Don't even think they're allowed to say bitch. Hey hey, sillouettes in the background.

    "Makes a Kidney-Stone feel like a vacation."

    Anyone else notice the silhouette in the background? Looks like the previous 4 survivors to me...

    Do not pass go. Do not collect $200.

    "Is eight enough?"

    "Will this make up for Rochelle?"

    The Passing: Now you've seen it you'll shit bricks.

    Is it just me, or are those four silhouettes in the background the four survivors from the original L4D? Is it common knowledge that they are in this DLC? Am I out of the loop? How long is a piece of string? What's the most nutritious cereal?

    The Passing can't really have a bad tagline. It's how you politely describe a fart, or tactfully mention death.
    closest i can think of is "Going, going, gone" or "going somewhere?"

    "We haven't passed on yet!"

    Don't look back.

    (too good?)

    The Passing: He who smelt it - dealt it...

    "Nice and Easy...Wheres the fun in that!?"
    "Quick and Painless is never an option"

    "You may not pass"
    "You may pass"

    Ahh... I can't help remembering Diablo 2 act II where the guard wouldn't let you pass....

    Only a flood of bullets will clean the New Orleans streets.

    The Passing: Pass.

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