New Metroid: Other M Screens, Story Details, Excitement

Nintendo has released all new media of Metroid: Other M, the Team Ninja and Nintendo developed Wii game that tells a more "revealing, personal story" than previous Metroid games, including Other M's chronological predecessor, Super Metroid.

What Nintendo calls a "dramatic new direction for a legendary franchise and a bold new blend between cinematics, storytelling and the best in interactive entertainment" is what we'll call simply Metroid: Other M, a sequel dated earlier today for a June 7 release in North America. All-new screenshots of Samus Aran's latest adventure highlight Team Ninja's trademark cinematic prowess and showcase the game's blend of 2D and 3D gameplay.

Featuring a control scheme that uses Wii Remote-only controls for sidescrolling adventure and battle, with pointer control for first-person exploration and shooting, Other M certainly sounds like a fine compromise for the longtime Metroid fan. We'll find out later when our hands-on impressions from today's summit go live.

Nintendo promises voice acting - will we hear Samus speak, not just scream? - and a rich, "engaging" backstory set on the decommissioned Bottle Ship, plus plenty of action and exploration. Until you get to experience it yourself, enjoy new Metroid: Other M screens that run at a resolution worthy of a Wii HD.


    Oh, Other M comes before Metroid 4? I guess that's why Adam is in it as a prevalent character; explains why Samus talks about him so much in Metroid 4.

    You can tell its a Tecmo game, check out Samus' rack for fk sake!

    Samus was always the innocent young woman, now Tecmo has sexed her up.

      Ha! Someone hasn't seen the 100% ending pictures Nintendo's had in the metroid games for years.

    Yaaaay, squaddies!

    Boo, wapanese Samus and subseqyuently no doubt plot\dialogue\story-telling-techniques!

    Seeing as I suck at every Team Ninja game ever released (well, just the Ninja Gaiden series actually), I really hope this game isn't stupidly hard. I recall reading somewhere they'd avoid doing that but I can't help but doubt.

    Love the short hair style, she looks awesome.

    sounds like nights with a 3d world but 2d plane of movement. no waggle finishers please hopefully unplugging the nun-chuk won't happen too often.

    I maybe new to Metroid, but I think I can see this really dividing fans.

    Then again, given that Team Ninja is behind that, it comes as no surprise.

    Lame, everyone knows Samus has a ponytail.

      Perhaps those screens of her are flashbacks to when she was part of the space marines?

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