New Novel Bridges The Gap Between Guild Wars 1 And 2

What happens in the 250-year gap between Guild Wars and Guild Wars 2? Find out in Ghosts of Ascalon, the first novel based on NCsoft's popular MMO series.

NCsoft is taking Guild Wars offline and into the bookstore for the first time with Ghosts of Ascalon. Written by Jeff Grubb (The Forgotten Realms Finder's Stone Trilogy) and Matt Forbeck (several Blood Bowl novels), Ghosts of Ascalon follows the journey of ye olde mismatched band of adventurers, exploring deep into Ascalon in search of a relic that could hold the key to peace between humanity and the Charr. It should be an easy trip, as long as the undead ruler of Ascalon just hands the relic over without a fuss.

Yeah, that'll happen.

Judging by the press release, which lists this as "the first novel based on the best-selling MMO game Guild Wars", there'll be more where this came from. Speaking as someone who found the original game a bit too shallow for my tastes, I welcome any and all attempts to flesh out the franchise's fiction.


    Shallow? I resent that. Then again, maybe cuz my standards are somewhat lower than some others.

    "Based on the international blockbuster videogame series Guild Wars 2"

    It isn't even out yet!
    Nevertheless the book intruiges me...

    mike why did you find the game shallow in my mind it is still one of the most tactical MMORPG games in the fantasy type setting

    instead of the typical who has more time to raid for .001% drop rate gear

    the games PvP actually meant that the team as a whole had to have skill and armour builds that would be able to work together to defeat the opponents team

    while this news of a book is cool i would much rather the Game come out :(

    Considering he was talking about a book, I suspect he means the story and lore are shallow in GW. I've playing since 2005 and I couldn't agree more. GW lore is seriously lacking when compared with other MMOs. Throw away locations and characters, quest lines which drop off never to be relevant again, class lore which is almost non existent beyond the biography introductions in the manuals and epic battles seemingly forgotten by the time a new expansion was released.

    GW lacks the immersion more fleshed out MMO worlds posses and a large part of that is the weak lore.

    Side note: This report is strangely lacking in any new information for a news site. The book was announced some time last year and the title and summary has been known for ages. Shouldn't there be a release date on here somewhere?

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