New Skate 3 Screens Gleam All Sorts Of Cubes

Only EA could create a skateboarding title so pretty that it has me flashing back to a Christian Slater movie from 1989.

Actually, I'm not sure that is true, now that I've typed it. Gleaming the Cube occupies one of those default slots in my brain, just like Breakin' and Geggy Tah's "Whoever You Are". These are the places my brain goes to when it wants to avoid whatever it is I am thinking about at the time. So these new screens aren't so much forcing me to think of the film as much as they are nudging me into a familiar gear.

Still, lovely screens, aren't they?


    An international weapons smuggling ring killed my brother! I'm going to take them all out with my skateboard. Only the crazy guys skate The Cube, man.

    I'll probably buy Skate 3. 2 was good. But now you have me all nostalgia'd to hell, so it's a definite.

    It's amazing how boring these screenshots can make the game look. Not saying it's a boring game - but screenshots of people skateboarding, well animated, is quite unsatisfying and boring.

    Looks exactly like the others games aswell. Don't know if thats a compliment or not though.

    Skate 1, from WHAT i played though, was quite good. Compared to how horrible Tony Hawk has become - the franchise and the person.

    I'm concerned about the extremely heavy focus on multiplayer on this one. Chucking in co-op is all well and good, but not when it comes at the expense of the single player experience.

    All the footage and screenshots seem to focus on the team experience, but what if I want to just play through without my friends, or I'm a loner? Does Skate 3 even cater to me?

    I'll probably end up giving this one the benefit of the doubt. Skate 1 was quite innovative (well, in comparison to Tony Hawk's Annual Rehash, that is), and Skate 2 was just tops. I just hope I'm not forced into a co-op experience, just to enjoy the game. Most of my friends aren't into Skate, and the last thing I want to do is be forced to team up with some random douchebag over Live.

      Actually the co-op is chucked into the single player. The team aspect is good, you can do all the challenges on your own while having a team of AI skaters elsewhere, or make a team online and do challenges with or without them. Im not sure but i think also u may be able to do challenges with the ai there with you.

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