New Splinter Cell: Conviction Trailer Has Hollywood Blockbuster Written All Over It

While I'm still not sure if I'll be buying Splinter Cell: Conviction when it drops in April, I'd sure as hell drop $US10 on a Sam Fisher movie with a trailer like this one.

It's not that I am some sort of Splinter Cell hater. It's just that time and time again I've purchased new Splinter Cell titles, only to find that the series' brand of stealth action isn't my cup of tea. I can appreciate the work that goes into making a game like Conviction, and I'll watch someone else play it all day long, but I'm more of a run in, guns blazing sort of gamer, which just doesn't work out in a title like this, as Totilo discovered during his hands-on at TGS.

So probably no playing for me, but I'll watch it all day long, especially when the story trailer is this good.


    So who is actually going to give this Mike character the boot? Did he ever play Chaos Theory?

    I guess Kotaku can't always gather the best or in this case, the talented in their field of work.

      Not possessing the same taste in games as you is a sacking offence these days?

    i completely agree with you mike .... i dont have the patience for stealth games (I wish i did ... i know i have missed some fantastic titles because of it (MGS!!!)) ... however, more time for tea that i enjoy!

    It's not really stealth-action any more, more like action-stealth. The whole point of this game seems to be to appeal to non-Splinter Cell fans. It'd be kind of sad if they failed in that regard, because they've sacrificed a lot of Splinter Cell's identity to get to this point.

    A little personal opinion is fine when your reporting on something, but I'd rather hear about the game or trailer, not about your Sunday evenings.

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