New Super Mario Galaxy 2 Trailer Looks Like Worlds Of Fun

Why does a man play Mario? This brand new Super Mario Galaxy 2 trailer of the May-due Wii game is maybe the ideal answer to that question.

It's not just the drilling through planets in Galaxy 2 or the bigger than a moon dragon that Mario must battle. It's the clever use of movement by Yoshi tongue and the reinterpretation of classic Super Mario enemies like Dry Bones and Boos that make Super Mario Galaxy 2 feel fresh.

Check out some of the game's 3D and 2D platforming action in this brand new gameplay trailer, then keep an eye peeled for hands-on gameplay impressions from today's Nintendo media summit hitting later tonight.

Super Mario Galaxy 2 Trailer (HD) [GameTrailers]


    I never played number 1 so I'm not sure what's actually new but it looks like there's some really creative use of platforming mechanics there.

    This game would look so much better in HD - even though for a Wii game it looks great.

    But the textures would be so smoother and just perfect - especially for a space Mario game. It's a pity that the franchise as a whole is just some cash cow, milked dry to the bone.

    But when make a primary Mario game like this, they do make it good.

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