Nintendo DSi XL Arrives in Australia April 15

If you've been waiting for a slightly bigger DSi before you take the plunge, Nintendo has just announced April 15 is when you can finally get your hands on the spanking new DSi XL.

Australian launch colours will be burgundy and bronze.

No more details just yet. Wildgoose is down in Melbourne getting all the details as they come to hand at a special event at Nintendo's Australian HQ.

UPDATE: While no pricing information was offered, it was stated that it is set to be "more than the DSi". That would put our guess at a $349 RRP?


    Want one of these so much but cant decide whether its worth blowing probably $350 when it launches.

    Hope the DS2 or w/e comes with an XL model from the start

    They should drop the DSi to $200 or $250 and the DSi XL should be $300. Its a rip off if it costs any more than that.

    In Japan they are typically ¥2000 more than the DSi (around $20ish). I really don't see them releasing them at $350. They'd be pricing themselves out of the market, much like when the PSP was originally launched. People just don't like the idea of paying so much for a handheld.

      Ipod Touch?

      We already pay way to much for our games here($30 US more then america ftl), so why not out consoles. $350 probably a bit high an estimate but id be surprised to see it much lower then $325 or so at least starting out

    Anything over $220 aussie is WAY TOO MUCH!
    This is really old tech now and it's getting cheaper to manufacture for Nintendo so it shouldn't keep costing us more.

    Important question: Do we know if its region free?
    I'm sure the original DS was region free, but subsequent models???

      Yes it's region free. It may be cheaper for them but that doesn't necessarily mean they will pass that onto us. Australians in general get raped when it comes to the cost of consoles and games compared to most countries, so unless you're importing I doubt a $220 DSi XL is happening anytime soon.

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