Nippon Ichi Software, This Can't Be Good

The developer behind the Disgaea series, announced their financial earnings. You may want to sit down.

In the first nine months of this financial year, the company's operating profit is down 97.5 per cent.

During 2009, the company released several titles in Japan, including Makai Senki Disgaea 2 Portable, Disgaea Infinite, A Witch's Tale, Let's Hitchhike and Phantom Brave: We Meet Again.

日本一ソフトウェアのコンシューマ事業がヤバイ!?営業利益97.5%減 [オレ的ゲーム速報@刃]


    Down 97.5%
    Not good.... I hope they don't close down. They're a great company. did that happen? HOW DID THAT HAPPENED!?!?!?
    They are all excellent games too (or was it just me?)!

    EA went good, EA went into the reds for the first time in known history. NIS kept up a good job, and they are in trouble.
    I suppose it's a combination of the economic downturn and the fact that they develop mostly for consoles where games are easily pirated. Thus people find their games to be the easiest to "cut back" on.

    Perhaps, if they threw some support behind xbox as well, they wouldn't be in this mess.

    I've tried to play a bunch of the Disgaea games and I really don't see the appeal of them.

    I guess the rest of Japan agrees with me :P

    Man, these guys are one of my favorite developers. If they shut down I will be really disappointed.

    lol that's quite considerable. Let's hope things look up for them in the near future :S

    Oh man this cannot be happening. God, if you decide to save one developer, let it be Nippon Ichi Software, PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!

    Please don't let them close before they release more DS games!
    I have been seriously tempted to buy a PSP at times just to play more Disgaea games!

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