No, This Is Not Confirmation Of The 'Wii 2'

Some of you might have noticed that in the latest edition of Nintendo Power, which is someone holding a Wiimote labelled "Wii 2." We contacted the editor and was told it was a straight goof-up, not a surprise leak.

The story behind the error sounds a little familiar. Nintendo Power's editor, Chris Slate, said the image - in an item touting Netflix's arrival on the Wii - is a photoshop-job that came from the web, and that staff put it in their files back before Nintendo contracted with Future US to handle the magazine's publication (which was early 2009.) Explains Slate:

Someone (it may have been me, I don't remember) gathered a bunch of Nintendo-related images from wherever we could find them (such as the web) since we didn't have access to Nintendo's press site at that point, and I think we took the "Wii 2" one without noticing it had been altered. It was forgotten and left on our server, where it later got mixed in with our library of real assets once we started doing the magazine.

Slate says Nintendo Power is "positive that we've deleted all the copies [of the image]for good this time," and expressed embarrassment at the screw-up, which echoes another Wii-related gaffe from a couple years back. The cover art designers for Okami on the Wii used an image, also pulled from the web, that featured an IGN watermark. And I've fallen victim to this myself in a way, taking a fan-made 'shop of a PS3 Slim as confirmation of the console's existence before it was officially announced.

Slate assures us that "if Nintendo has a new system in the works - whether it's called 'Wii 2' or otherwise - I have absolutely no knowledge of it."

[Thanks to reader Iron Punkle for the image]


    That's a pretty lame excuse - not that hard to find an official Nintendo picture on the net thats been uploaded by someone.

    If it is something they're covering up - its pretty lame that A) They would name it Wii 2 - thats not a Nintendo thing to do. B) If they stick with the motion control concept, at least spice the controller up a little.

      No, they wouldn't call it the Wii 2. They would call it the "Super Wii"

    So the explanation is that they were stealing photos from the web, and accidentally stole a doctored photo when they wanted to steal a real photo?

    sure its a good up, sure

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