Outcast: Remaking A Decade-Old Classic

Outcast was one of those games that was so amazing most people never even got to play it. It just... shone too damn brightly. So much so that this 2010 remake of a 1999 game may well get more exposure.

Open Outcast is a fan-made mod for Crysis Wars, which seeks to recreate Appeal's brilliant open world adventure title with visuals a little more appropriate for this third millennium. Not that Outcast's graphics were bad - indeed, for 1999 they were revolutionary - it's just, running on Crysis' engine, it now looks better.

All you need to download the mod is a trial version of Crysis Wars. After that, you can grab a demo of Open Outcast from the mod's official site. If you've never played the original, I'd highly recommend it.

Kotaku AU Note: Second this. Outcast was so far ahead of its time it will probably only make sense now.

Open Outcast [via Rock, Paper, Shotgun]


    I loved Outcast, it was amazing. But I never finished it because I somehow completed two missions out of order near the end and the game never spawned the next person for me to talk to... :(

    Voxels baby!

      Outcast ain't Outcast without voxels, man. It was and still is a lusciously beautiful game.

    I loved Outcast. It was an amazing game for its time. But it had some showstopper bugs. Well actually, more like "stopping the show from starting in the first place" bugs.

    I remember when I first installed it out of the box, when the installation was complete, the game was nowhere to be found on my hard drive. After much trial and error I discovered that the files were deleting themselves at the conclusion of the installation.

    Poking around online I found a patch, which of course had to be installed BEFORE installing the game, which unfortunately didn't fix anything. A second patch subsequently appeared which had to be run AFTER the first. Once the two patches were installed, the game would install properly.

    So in conclusion, Outcast is the only game I've ever had that had to be patched TWICE just to INSTALL it.

    I have an original, store bought retail copy of this game. It's amazing. The controls needed improvement, the available resolutions were disappointing, and it had some glitches... But it was one hell of a game. Aside from the corny opening movie, it has great writing and exceptional voice acting.

    I've been watching Open Outcast for years, this being, what, their second engine change? On at least one occasion the project has been taken completely offline.

    I'm not much of a programmer or animator, but I'm learning, and I will seriously consider helping out if I can.

    It's a shame they chose to mod a game that has SecuRom... why not Source?

    Cue cease and desist from some bastard lawyers at Infogrames in 3, 2, 1... (As if they're ever going to remake or rerelease it. Shame, because what with Mass Effect and the like, a game like this could do pretty well on the 360.)

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