Oz Attorney General Fears Gamers More Than Outlaw Bikers

South Australian Attorney General and the only politician standing between Australia and a mature rating for video games, says that he's more at risk from gamers than motorcycle gangs.

"I feel that my family and I are more at risk from gamers than we are from the outlaw motorcycle gangs who also hate me and are running a candidate against me," Michael Atkinson said on ABC TV's Good Game.

Atkinson says that a gamer slipped a "threatening note" under his door early one morning.

"The outlaw motorcycle gangs haven't been hanging around my doorstop at 2am," he said. "A gamer has."

Atkinson is perhaps almost as famous for playing loose with the facts in his colourful proclamations as he is for his singular stance against the introduction of an R18+ rating for video games.

Gamers scarier than bikies: Michael Atkinson [News.Com.Au]


    This is just another attempt to make gamers look like a bunch of knife wielding psychos.

    Such an outrageous comment is not unexpected from such a silly man.

    How do you debate facts and policy with a crazy person?

    Just ignore him and he will eventually go away. He is the only person in Australia who is against an R18+ rating for video games and he only does it because he thinks it will get him votes. Although I support gamers4croydon wholeheartedly, I doubt they will be able to oust him.

    My plan is to simply buy any proscribed games from play asia until he retires.

    When I watched the episode of Good Game an he mentioned this I wasn't surprised. I'm disappointed if a gamer did actually slip a note under his door, but if it was the one shown for a brief second on the show, then at least the note ended with 'plz'.

      Luke given the outright lies Atkinson has told in the past, theres a 99 percent chance this too is a load of crap.

        That is true, but I've read enough forums to know that there are a lot of gamers who would do something as blatantly stupid as this. I do hope it is another of his lies, but I would not be surprised if there was some truth to it.

    He picked a good time to say this didnt he - right after that stabbing murder in the school in Queensland, which will no doubt be blamed on video games and not the root cause, which was bullying.

      Huh!? Errr no... the stabbing happened AFTER the interview was recorded!?

        Hmm... my bad

        Although, the timing was prime for him, you have to admit...

    Probably more BS like the story he told about bikies cooking a cat at his local park and eating it - this was proven false and greatly exaggerated i.e. it wasn't a cat (probably steak), they weren't bikies & it was nowhere near his house.

    Seriously, how can a pathological liar make it into politics? j/k

    This guy is a dinosaur and hopefully his days are numbered. P.S. Mr Atkins, This is not a personal threat against you. I don't want to read/hear in the media that I arrived at your door with a gun wearing a Master Chief costume and shouting something about jihad and video games based on the my above statement. Given you past history it wouldn't surprise me......

    Whether or not you like the man or his stand on R18 ratings for games, no one on earth should be made to feel threatened because of it. If as he alleges in the interview, a rather distasteful note was slipped under his door, doesn't that just add weight to his already negative viewers of hard-core gamers.

    I am a gamer and so is my 14yr old son. We have numerous discussions over games, their content and their appropriateness. It is hard when at least two of his friends (both younger) are allowed to play anything - including a number of MA15+ games that I won't let my son near yet.

    I believe an R18 would at least make some less considerate parents think a tad more (no guarantees). There is still too much confusion for average Joe when it comes to M and MA15+... "Oh he is nearly 15 - it should be fine".

    As much as we may disagree with Atkinson's views, and have most of the better arguments. There are still enough immature, inconsiderate, and sometimes downright scary people out there that continue to add weight to his view.

    I hope that as a mature gaming community we all show reason, and self control without resorting to threats and tantrum sounding tirades.
    Change will happen, but let us remain noble in the quest.

      Yea, I agree here. We need to rise above the dirt tactics used by people like this and use our heads and people power, peacefully, to make the point. Stuff like that letter really dosent help our perception to soccer mums and the flocks of sheep out there, who really will make the decision for us, even if we don't like it. They are the majority and we are the minority, sucks I know, but with proper ducation of the flock, we can make it happen.

    ...still, the douchebag who slipped the note under the door wrecks it for all of us.

    Given his past track record with honesty, someone should probably ask him if he reported it to the police. If he didn't then a) It never happened b) He didn't feel threatened by it. In which case its just a dishonest attempt at scare mongering and attempt to gain sympathy and votes.

    If on the other hand it did happen then it just goes to show how stupid and immature some people are.

    Surely this is enough evidence to get him committed-- I mean, the man is clearly delusional and a danger to himself, his family, and the public.

    Heaven forbid him ever seeing a Biker playing PSP.

    Has he been trying to outlaw motorbikes as well? After all, they ARE pretty dangerous. If not I guess that's why he's not getting threatening notes pushed under his door from the bikie fraternities.

    Though I'm guessing their version of 'pushed under' would be 'wrapped around a brick then thrown through' and by 'door' they'd probably mean 'window'.

    Maybe I'm tarring them all with the same brush. I'm sure there's nice bikies out there. Sorry guys for lumping you all together the same way our beloved Mr Atkinson (semi-elected official) has been lumping us gamers together.

    All happy potential psychopaths together eh?

    Honestly, I have to have sympathy for Atkinson here. It's pretty stupid for any gamer to be making threats against him and behaving in this sort of way. It only supports his argument.

      really? I would have more sympathy for Osama Bin Laden...or even Ted Bundy

    I'd really like to ask him in all honesty if he's proud to be on the side of all those in history who have fought and lost this battle. From the printing press onwards, (and probably from the cave-wall paintings onwards) the nameless, forgotten fools who tried to stand in the way of all new forms of expression.

    He seems like an educated person. It's a wonder he never seemed to learn anything. We remember those who stood up for freedom of speech and expression, but those who opposed get consigned to ignominy then obscurity.

    Please let him reach there soon.

    Sympathy for this man over this is silly. He has been parading this story around for over a year and yet he has never once produced the supposed threatening note, nor has he taken the matter up with the police.

    If someone knew where i lived and started putting threatening letters under my door, I'd have the police around to my house with fingerprint kits faster than you can say "Governor-General Atkinson is a pathological liar".

    I have said this before but Bikies are only dangerous if you do something to get them angry and games are only dangerous to people who cant destinguish the line between the fake virtual reality and real life. He is only trying to discredit Gamers4Croydon without mentioning names and little does he know that he is the one using dirty tactics. I live in South Australia but i cant vote for Gamers4Croydon as i dont live in the croydon electorate but they get my vote.

      I'd say he knows exactly what he is doing.

      Don't vote for the ALP, it's pretty simple.

      If it means that much to you, your best bet is voting Liberal and changing government.

      A vote for the Greens is a vote for Labor anyway because of preferences, and a vote voting for small independents might as well be a donkey vote.

        A vote for the Greens is not a vote for Labor. Anyone is free to direct their preferences wherever they like.

          Ah but thanks to our silly electoral laws here in SA, if you mark down just a 1 for your party and leave the rest blank it's not counted as an invalid vote but rather has preferences assigned according to what that party has registered with the state electoral commission.

            Random voter - no, not in the Lower House. In the Lower House you have to number each according to your preference. For the Upper House (Legislative Council) you can either mark 1 above the line and let the preferences be assigned automatically OR you can vote below the line by marking them all in order of your preference like with the Lower House ballot.

    I bet he's making it up. I think that the "death threat" was actually a well-thought letter to atkinson, he's just trying to play the victim.

    There is a youtube video around, about this.


    Gamer Bikies... Deadlest of them all. Well other than bible bashing liberals (not Atkinson, Abbott).

    This one's hard to call. Sure, I can certainly believe that there are some warped people out there who might actually go to this sort of length. But on the otherhand, what's to stop one of Atkinson's consultants from forging a death threat..... or 10?

    I find it funny that the bikers are most likely the ones causing all the drugs, beatings, stabbings, shootings and vehicle theft around his area like they do everywhere else. They're just more smart about doing it so nobody will see. There might not be one at his front door, but there's most likely one down the street.

    Dear Mr Atkinson,

    You claimed on the ABC 2 show Good Game on Monday 15 Feb 2010 that you are in fear for your family because a "gamer" posted a letter under your door. The implication, either on your behalf or via editing by the Good Game program, was it was your to home address, and hence your family security was at more risk from "gamers" than "bikies".

    “The outlaw motorcycle gangs haven’t been hanging around my doorstop at 2am, A gamer has.” was the line spoken by you, as reported by the news.com.au website.

    However, I'd like to note that in Parliament on Wednesday 25 March 2009 you said:

    My opposition [to the R18+ rating] has also made threats of vandalism. Not long ago, working late in my office, I heard a whoosh under my door and there, just like the old movies, was a message comprising letters cut out of magazine headlines and assembled on the page one by one, and it read:
    Hey old man Atkinson! This act of vandalism is an expression of frustration of gamers who believe R18 rating is long overdue. Seriously who the [expletive] are you to tell us what we can play!!
    Well, Mr Speaker, I swung open the front door of my office and saw no-one—another phantom attack with no-one to stand up for their views, just like the anonymous emailers hiding behind their avatars. One can only assume that the person who delivered the note fled, surprised at my presence in the office so late. Thankfully, I do not know how their rage was going to be acted out.

    So which is it? Did the letter arrive at your office, or your home? Was it late at night, or early in the morning?

    I look forward to your reply.

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