Pac-Man Battle Royale Does Quad Pac Damage

Namco is giving Pac-Man another chance to satisfy his hunger for dots and ghost flesh at arcades, unveiling Pac-Man Battle Royale at next month's Amusement Expo show in Las Vegas. What is Pac-Man Battle Royale?

It's not a fighting game in the Tekken vein, as some of theorised, but what appears to be a four-player competitive spin on classic Pac-Man mechanics. Standard edition yellow Pac-Man appears to be just one of four playable ghost hunters, with Blinky, Inky and Pinky coloured variations also playable.

The following video teaser doesn't reveal much, other than that the arcade game appears to be built on the Pac-Man Championship Edition backbone. One of the game's mazes can be seen in the background, sharing the same layout and graphical style of the Xbox Live Arcade Pac-Man spin-off.

And if you've ever played Pac-Man Championship Edition, you know why there's reason to be excited about a multiplayer version of that game.


    That sure is a tease... I feel used.

      being used is good, being teased...

      GSAHFSALFLDSAF thats me raging, cant wait...

    I was right!!!
    (Look at my comment on the original article)

    What was that Gamecube Pac-man game that came with the Gamecube Ridge Racer?

    Coz THAT game was the bomb diggity fresh.

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