Patrick Stewart Is Afraid To Open His Video Games

PBS premièred a series tonight called "Digital Nation", where a bunch of people are asked their thoughts on modern technology. This one features Patrick Stewart, and how he's afraid of his video games.

While the man made famous by Star Trek (and Oblivion!) loves his iPhone, loves the internet and loves email, he's not so fond of video games.

"The only aspect of all of this that I have never taken to, partly because I do have an addictive temperament, is gaming" the man with gravy for a voice says. "I have a stack of games, I've never taken the covers off them, because I feel that if I do, I'm finished."

So even the mighty Sir Patrick Stewart has a pile of shame. There you go.


    if he was to play Star Trek online do you think he would automatically start as a Captain?

      Shouldn't he start as retired?

      He'd be baffled when Star Trek Online wouldn't respond to "Make it so."

    ha .. l a m e

    I've still got a couple of games with their covers still on, not for the same reason as Capt. Picard though. Heck, I don't even know why I haven't gotten around to playing them.

    I remember reading, or watching, an interview with Sir Patrick about Xmen and him claiming that he played tetris on his GBA/DS between takes, and even had a special pocket fitted to his chair to hold it. Now I can't for the lift of me remember where, or when, so serious kudos if anyone can find it.

    heh, i could sympathize with him if the game/s in question was Alone in the Dark(2008) :D

    "I’m a Tetris fan. I have a little pocket made in the back of the chair on the side where I can hide it from the cameras so I can just pull out my game boy and play it."

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