Perfect Dark Xbox Live Arcade Playable By Press Next Week

Perfect Dark, remastered for the Xbox 360's Live Arcade with a 60fps framerate, is making an appearance at next week's Xbox 360 X10 gaming summit in San Francisco.

Rare tells us that the game will be playable at the event, and that we can expect to "find out some more tidbits" concerning Perfect Dark's unveiling next week on Rare's Twitter feed.

You can also follow the news as it happens on my Twitter feed next week... and read about what I'm currently drinking, eating, thinking because I have a serious Twitter problem.

Now, then. What would you like to see come packaged in a remastered version of Perfect Dark?


    Doesn't make up for GoldenEye XBLA getting made and then scrapped. Stupid Microsoft/Rare and Nintendo battles cost us big time.

      Lets be thankful that this looks like it will get released...I love dropping the laptop gun on corners haha

    Face capture that was scrapped from the N64 version. It used the game boy camera and transfer pack, the first and only time it would've been used for colour images - at the time Nintendo claimed it was ditched because of technical issues - but it was working perfectly, I could've played it when I did work experience at Nintendo Australia, but they only had the final build EEPROM when I was there.
    The reality being that violence in games was taboo following the Columbine school shooting in April 1999, being able to use images of yourself or other people on the face's of deathmatch characters isn't the kind of attention Rare or Nintendo was after. With the feature appearing in fight night games and Rainbow 6, this doesn't seem to be an issue anymore.
    2-4 player split screen is also a must, system link would be a bonus too. all classic maps of course, but any new maps would be a welcome bonus (any that wouldn't have been possible on the old . I'd hope for fully customizable controls. I was about to suggest classes and perks for multiplayer, but remembered you start every life unarmed and equal to everyone else - just realised how much I miss that! Ranks or XP for fair teams and to know what you're up against would be a sensible inclusion. Bots with fresh AI! And above all else, region matchmaking is essential.

    @Nato, really? I think we can be thankful that this project even saw fruition at all.
    I don't really know what I'd want packaged with a new PD...maybe some new multiplayer skins or enhanced music...get rid of the Elvis voice actor and his stupid vest...

    What I would be happy is to see the only things changed is new graphics, online, and less lag when you have 4 players splitscreen and 8 bots.

    I don't want the changing voices around, mainly because I know they'll cock something up, possibly making Joanna inexplicably American instead of British, ala PD Zero.

    Perfect Dark Zero was a good game, but I found it so distant from Perfect Dark Zero that I never got into it.

    I just want all the split-screen multi-player features to be present. ie 8 bots, bot personalities, the challenges, and counter-ops. Loved that.

    As much as I want to play it again, I think people are going to be mightily disappointed with it. With any old game, as great as it may have been, most of what you're remembering is nostalgia in disguise...

    i.e. has anyone played Goldeneye on the N64 recently? That game is a mess, and the things that made me love it to begin with, have kind of faded into non existence. All I can remember are the good times I had playing it, as opposed to the game itself. You'll never be able to get the same amount of enjoyment out of older games like this as you once had.

      As someone who plays the NES and SNES every week, and the 2600 atleast once a month, I whole-heartedly disagree with this statement.

      A month or two ago I got out my old 64 and played through perfect dark again and loved it. I even think it has some better design ideas than a lot of games around today.

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